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Our Next Meeting is Wednesday 10/14

11:30AM at Prestonwood Country Club and ZOOM option


Our October ESOA Luncheon, will be our 2021 Labor Market Financial Forecast & Outlook  program focusing on the labor marketing, hiring trends, insights and emerging technologies pertain to our industry.


It will be held on Wednesday, October 14, 2020 at 11:30 AM, Prestonwood Country Club, utilizing social distancing between attendees. We will also be having this meeting as a Zoom meeting for all registered attendees.

The lunch session will be divided into two parts.


First, Jay Denton will give a preview of his firm’s national and local economic outlook for 2021. Jay will focus on how industries and locations have been impacted by the pandemic, and when employment will fully recover.


Next, Jennifer Higgins will have a working session with ThinkWhy’s tool for recruiting firms, LaborIQ. In addition to market data and benchmarking capabilities, the tool gives salary recommendations for more than 20,000 job titles for markets across the country. The salaries can be finetuned for the candidate’s experience and education level, as well as the client company’s industry and size. If you are having challenges filling certain roles, especially if salary is a sticking point, bring your examples and we will walk through them.



















Wed, Oct 14
The Clubs of Prestonwood - The Creek
ESOA October Meeting

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