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Our Next Meeting August 11, 2021

Prestonwood Country Club

Our August ESOA Luncheon, will be our QUARTERLY ROUND TABLE DISCUSSION program focusing on topics, insights and emerging technologies pertain to our industry and running your business. It will be held on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 11:30 AM, Prestonwood Country Club, utilizing social distancing between attendees.


Our August Program will be led by John Funderburgh, Consultant! It promises to have an active, lively discussion on key topics!






John’s Bio:

Seasoned entrepreneur with extensive experience in Placement, staffing, technology, accounting and finance and education. John owned his own international IT consulting company for over twenty years.  He has served as a private consultant to over 100 business owners ranging from start-ups, to multi state operations. I also facilitate peer advisory boards for business owners.

Areas where John has worked with clients:

Build revenue growth, develop business plans, resolve employee problems, obtain financing and loans, develop new products and services, open new markets, learn to delegate effectively, resolve partnership disputes, develop business with government entities, develop effective management practices, improve leadership skills, recruit and hire excellent talent, tap the potential of SEO, SMM, online branding and online marketing, improve sales management, establish an effective sales force, develop successful sales process, work to achieve work/life balance, position to sell a business, prepare to transition a business to new ownership and develop offshore operations.

Some discussion topics are:

  • Managing your client during this Talent Starved Market

  • Tools & Techniques for Managing your Client, especially through the interview process

  • Best Job Boards, candidate search techniques

  • Share the Best Business Development Techniques that are working for you during this time

  • What is true value add to clients in our processes or marketing or relationships? Are we seeing this value change as Millennials take on leadership roles?

How should we be evolving in next 5 years with this age group of next gen leadership?

  • What are we seeing as effective marketing tools in 2021? Anything new that shows results?

  • Are we see seeing hiring patterns change in 2021 from the client side?

  • What is your biggest obstacle to growth?

  • What have you started doing during the pandemic, that you will continue to do; and part 2) that you will discontinue as soon as we can do face to face again

  • What has been your best source of client leads

  • Anyone using a texting platform that you can use from your computer instead of picking up and thumbing on your phone?

  • What mix of perm to temp revenue do you currently have and what do you feel is healthy

  • Do you float temps yourself or use a third party? If third party, who are you using

  • How to ensure you are working the jobs that close

  • Creating a sense of Urgency for your clients and candidates

  • Remote Interviewing, on-boarding, and orientation under Covid-19


Our Roundtable programs are highly attended and provide great discussion. It will be an excellent program to attend.